Through donations and volunteers, we provide skateboards & clothes to low income children around the world.

Boards Over Borders in South Africa

Our friend, Caleb, brought skateboards and shoes to youth in South Africa

Boards and Smiles in South Africa

Our friend and supporter, Caleb, traveled to Masiphumelele, South Africa, and brought some boards to share! Caleb partnered with Boards Over Borders to provide skateboards and shoes to under-privileged youth. Check out the video below to see how it went.

Thank you to all who contributed to help make this possible. And THANK YOU Caleb for spreading joy to more children around the world!

Boards Over Borders South Africa 2016 from Rhema Creative on Vimeo.



“Ethan broke his board the day before we got to South Africa. I remember when I was a kid, that [time] in between boards was the worst. Thinking of how many lawns I would have to mow just to skate again. I wanted to get Ethan back out there doing what he loves. Little did I know he had a contest coming up that weekend. Not only was he able to skate, but he placed second on his new board.”